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Thanks for doing this write up. I was looking at the MB TKO on your website and I only see 15x8 option with no 7" option. Has that been discontinued? Also, it was my understanding that it is not safe or wise to run 235 on anything smaller than 8" wide wheels. I see you guys did a fit of 235 on 7"; so it is okay to do that? Just want to make sure before I decide on 225 or 235 because I can only fit 15×7 without a lift? I'll be doing the PWM as well.

Thanks in advance for all the great work you guys do. I'll certainly be purchasing from you once I decide!
Hi, coop0606-

Yes, unfortunately the 15x7 MB TKO is no longer in production as is the 15x8. This is also the case with the MB Chaos 5.

If you plan on doing the PWM, then you can go a little more aggressive with the fitment, such as 15x7 with -6 offset or even 15x8 with 0 offset. With out a lift though, you'll want to stay conservative on the tire size.

Speaking of tire size, 235/75R-15 is safely run on wheels 6-inches wide to 8-inches wide so this size works great on 7-inch wide applications.
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