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This thread contains diagrams for locating various connectors, components, and wiring through the vehicle.

This info was taken from older manuals and will be more accurate for earlier years, though hopefully still helpful for later years too.

There will no doubt be discrepancies over the years from everything to connector style, pin out, wire color code, etc. so please keep this in mind and use this info as a general guide. We'll try to add in the differences where possible, as we can.

In 2010 the Latitude was introduced, which is the first model that used HVAC controls that are entirely electronic. These diagrams don't currently include this.

In 2014+ vehicles with the 6 speed automatic, we're aware the body harness is different from the CVT models, and those differences won't be shown in these diagrams.

For more info on 2014+ models: 2014 Jeep Patriot Service Manual (sectioned)

The first sets of images below are the index pages; the actual diagrams come after with diagram figure numbers in ascending order.

The connectors, components, etc. can appear on more than one diagram so once you've located what you're looking for you might want to jot down all the different figure numbers (far right column) to avoid having to jump back and forth between diagrams and the index page.

Also, at the end of this thread there is a PDF file of diagrams for download if you prefer to have something portable.

Font Parallel Number Screenshot Document

Font Parallel Pattern Rectangle

Font Parallel Pattern Rectangle Number

Material property Font Parallel Pattern

Font Parallel Pattern Number

Font Parallel Pattern Document

Font Parallel Pattern Number

Font Material property Parallel Number Screenshot

Font Parallel Rectangle Number Screenshot

Font Material property Screenshot Parallel Document
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