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Anybody here every go wheelin in George Washington National Forrest (Va/WVa)?

Me and my buds try to go once every 45 days or so during the spring and fall.

We run with a pretty good 'non-denominational' (not just Jeeps).
One of my good buds wheels a second gen Xterra, and he brings a lot of Nissan buds along. But it's not uncommon to see Jeeps of all ages and sizes, Nissans, Ford and Chevy trucks, Toyotas, etc. The last time I went, one dude was even wheeling a 90's Infiniti QX4!

For the most part, the whole crew is pretty fun loving and friendly. we will tease ya a bit if you get hung up, but it's just good natured ribbing.

Anyway, if anyone sees this and is interested hit me up.
We usually enter the park from route 33, just west of Harrisonburg, VA.

I am also interested in wheelin in NOVA @ Red Cloud, Cardinal Swamps, and know a couple other spots in the Centreville area.

I'd love to see you guys wheeling these FDI and FDII Jeeps in person!
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