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G'day all,

I'm new here and this is my first post. Bought myself a 2007 Patriot and am looking to put some steel rims and chunky shoes on her. I've trawled this forum and there are some great suggestions on the subject, just not for the Aus contingent. So...I thought I'd ask the locals!

So to divide the two....firsty, wheels:

I'm looking at putting on some 15x7 black steel rims. It is possible apparently and tested in the US, just with different rims. I can't post a link as I'm new but search: 15-wheels-30-tires and you'll find the link on this site.

• So far I can see the CSA Rangers (15x7, PCD 5x114.3, Offset P10)
• Or, standard Sunraysias (15x7, PCD 5x114.3, offset +7)

Secondly, tyres:

As I'm looking for white lettered rubber I'm thinking BFG's, General Grabbers, Good Year Wranglers, Bridgestone Duelers or Maxxis Bighorn 764's.

Obviously once I've got a better idea of what wheel will fit, I'll then go into tyres to suit. With that range I should be able to find at least one of them that will fit the bill.

So my question is, do any of you think the two rims I'm looking at will fit, given the already tested link I posted above regarding 15 rims? It does state that the offset should ideally be 0, but the Sunraysia's are only +7 and the CSA's only +10.

Next issue is finding someone who will actually fit the buggers but I'll hit that when I come to it :wink2:

Any help would be grateful!


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