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I recently purchased the REC Nav unit from a 2006 Chrysler 300. I want to add Uconnect however, I do not want to add the button as I think that looks so so aftermaket plus have heard reports of the sound sucking on it done this way.

I read one post where it described buying the auto/dim mirror with the uconnect controls on it, the wiring harness, and uconnect wiring.

This would allow me to control the uconnect as a factory system through the mirror. Also hearing the calls through the stereo vs the add on kit which includes a speaker for all the voice commands and conversation to come over. How trailer is that???

My concern is that I have read the computer would have to be flashed with starscan. I have also read over speaking of changing out steering wheels with or without audio controls that starscan will not flash something that the vin does not say you have. That is why people can not just hook up the steering wheels with the radio controls on them to their sports because they were not vinned to have that option, therefore the option to turn it on and off in starscan is not there.

I believe the part of starscan with the Patriot would be getting the auto/dim mirror to work moreso then the uconnect.

The problems I have read about using the add on kit with the speaker have not been good, if anyone has done it this way please chime in and tell me I am wrong it sounds good.....

Does anyone have any ideas hunches or even an answer????
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