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Trailer hitch wiring harness complete?

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I added a tow hitch to my '14 2.4 6spd Sport to tow my boat for a few weeks while i wait for my truck to come on the barge. My question is, does anyone know the harness part number for a vehicle that did not come with any mention of anything tow related in the build sheet. I see theres a number of harness options which some are just for the back end of the rig, and some go all the way forward to the fuse block/pdu. Im not towing far, 6-7 miles at 25 mph the whole way as thats the speed limit around here, and the boat is about 1k lbs in total. I am hoping I can figure out what I need as I pick the trailer up tonight, but wont pick up my boat till this weekend. Thanks for any help folks may give me.
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I actually just installed the Curt harness over the weekend.

It's mostly plug and play but their half hour install estimate is... overly optimistic. This one requires 12v from the front of the rig and they suggest connecting directly to the battery. I didn't do that, I have it drawing power off my switch panel's relay box. I ran the power wire through the grommet behind the tail light then through the cabin under the trim near the floor, then out the driver wheel well grommet and up into the relay box. Running it off a relay is a good idea so you're not running juice through it all the time, in case something shorts. It's possible to route the wire under the vehicle along the brake lines instead but I offroad enough that I'd probably damage it.
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