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TPS RESET 2016 Patriot

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My tire pressure is fine and I’ve driven for miles and miles many times but the light does not go off. Is there a reset button which a post somewhere said no. But I DID find a usb plug in the glove box during my search!!! Any help regarding turning the darn light off would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!
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If there's a problem with the TPMS system, the light will flash for about a minute and then on continuously, and will do this every time on start up as long as the problem is still there.

If the light comes on steady (doesn't flash) it may be a bad tire pressure sensor or a dead sensor battery in one of the wheels.

If you have the EVIC, it will tell you which tire it is otherwise you may need to take it to a shop.

I recollect having a vehicle do this and the solution was to over inflate the tire about 4 pounds, drive around a bit until the light went out, then lower the tire to it's correct pressure.
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