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I want to share something discovered by accident after washing my Jeep the other day.

A while back, I had painted my stock, OEM rims matte black. Because of exposure to sun light, the paint faded to a gray color. At first I thought it was just dirty so tried washing them. Nope!
Just the other I was washing the Jeep and was putting Armor All Tire Shine on the tires like I always do. The next day I noticed that the spots on the rim where the tire shine landed were darker than the rest of the rim.

Please note: don't spray the tire shine directly on the rims or you will risk getting the liquid on the brake discs.

Anyway, I grabbed a clean piece of towel from the garage, sprayed tire shine on it, and applied it to one of the rims. Not only did it stay dark as if it was just painted but it stayed shiny as well. So I went ahead and applied the tire shine to the rest of the rims. It's been 4 days since and the rims still look great. My co-worker even asked me if I got new rims and tires. LOL

There you have it: Armor All Tire Shine for those faded, spray painted, rims. It will probably work best on dark colors, though.

Lastly, I tried it on the trims but it didn't work as well. So still looking for something to make those grayish trims look dark again.
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