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Semi frequent visitor but first time poster. Decided against buying a gladiator just yet and sticking with my 14’ 4x4 Pat a bit longer (I wouldn’t trade it in anyway honestly, I’ll keep it til she dies). So I decided on some fun/long put off upgrades.

got my new 235/70 r16 Toyo open country ATIII’s installed this week on stock 16’s (so far I love them). Only a minor rub at full lock, but I understand this can be easily fixed by clipping a 4x4-5x5 square from the inside cover, so no biggie.

looking at new steels for something simple but a bit more aggressive (and in black)…it’s turning into a chore trying to find the right combination. I want to set the tires a little farther out, but nothing crazy.

any wheel suggestions? Is 0 offset too much or just right?


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