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Jeep Patriot North 2.4L, 4x2, 5 spd manual transmission . .
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Read a lot of posts where engine won't start when the ignition is turned on.

On my 2.5L 4x2 5spd 2008 the engine will start fine, but I have to throw the ignition two or three times (like when checking for system codes) before the starter motor engages. Then the engine starts right up.

I turn the ignition, (clutch down of course) absolutely nothing happens under the hood but the cluster lights up.

When I try the three throws I don't get any codes, just a ding ding ding and the icons light up one by one on the dash but no 'codes' appear and no 'done' appears either. I can hear a faint clicking coming from under the hood.

After the third ignition throw, (clutch down of course) she starts right up.

Has anyone had that issue?

I have an OBD2 scanner, I'll hook it up in the morning and see if I get codes out of that.

Thanks for any feedback...


-No bad codes on the OBD2 scanner. Just that silly gas cap, and evap leak error.
-All the other parameters said OK.
-I pulled all the fuses under the hood for blown fuses, nothing.
-Didn't check the panel under the dash though.
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