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If anybody is looking for a computer for their kids for school, I HIGHLY recommend one of these:

I have now bought two of them, and both are basically brand new, with no signs of wear on the touch pad or keyboard (lid has a couple of scratches like they were stored stacked on each other). They are also reasonably powerful and out perform laptops I have bought new for 3x as much money. (I would recommend swapping the hard drive for an SSD, but that's like $27 ( They have HDMI, usb 3.0, bluetooth 4.0, and wireless N wi-fi.
(I am in no way associated with the seller, I just have personally bought two of these laptops, and am very very happy with them, one we've had a couple of months, the other one showed up today when I saw the seller still had them for sale).
I bought them since I now have 3 kids in school who are learning typing and play educational programs through the school. I cannot recommend them enough. They also have thinkpad keyboards, which if you've ever worked on a thinkpad keyboard, they are far and above any other laptop keyboard to type on.

For $105, free shipping, its almost worth just buying one before they are gone.
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