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SKIM Reset. Wipe key memory

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I have a 2016 75th anniversary 4WD with remote start. It was sold to me with only 1 key, so I have no clue where in the world the other original is.

I bought a key on Amazon for $15 with the remote start option and had it cut by a local locksmith. (

I paid a guy on FB marketplace $50 to erase the key memory and have only the 2 keys in my possession(1 original/programmed & 1 new/unprogrammed) be programmed. He finished and I paid him, but it turns out he didn't erase the memory, but instead just added the new one as the 3rd key.

On top of this, the remote start feature does not work on the new key. It just flashes the headlights. The other buttons all work and both keys start the engine. I've driven it plenty since(I've read that could be the issue) and still nothing. The remote start on the old key still works fine.

I have 2 theories why the remote start doesn't work:
1: defective key or mismatched with a board from a trunk pop version of the key (most likely)
2: remote start only works for the original 2 (I can't find this documented anywhere so I don't think it's this)

I contacted the guy who programmed it and he told me that he would wipe it for me, but he told me this,
"If you want, I'll delete them for you, but you would have to buy an original key to program it again. a deleted key no longer works"

He said a deleted key no longer works. I can't find this documented anywhere and now I'm nervous to have him reset the SKIM memory. Has anyone gone through a SKIM reset?

Additionally, If I were to buy another new key with remote start(assuming mine is defective), would I be able to program the new one myself since I now have 2 working keys that start the engine, or will I still need to pay to have it programmed because I don't have the 2 keys that the computer stores as the original, main 2 keys?

Sorry for such a long post. Not having much luck finding a solution, was hoping someone in the community may have been through something similar.
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