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Seeking Assistance for Persistent Jeep Patriot Issues - Stalling and Power Loss

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Greetings fellow Jeep Patriot enthusiasts!

I'm reaching out to this wonderful community seeking guidance and advice regarding a persistent issue I'm facing with my beloved Jeep Patriot. I've encountered a perplexing problem that I've been unable to resolve despite multiple attempts. I would greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions you may have to help me diagnose and fix this issue.

Here's a detailed account of the problem and the steps I've taken so far:

About a week ago, while driving in-town, my Jeep Patriot (2015, FWD Sport-trim) experienced a sudden loss of power steering, and the vehicle appeared to shut down while in motion. I managed to safely maneuver the car to the side of the road, where I waited for a few minutes. Although the engine cranked a few times, it eventually started on its own. However, my relief was short-lived, as the same issue resurfaced after driving for only about a quarter of a mile.

Following this incident, I had the Jeep towed to a garage where the mechanics initially suspected a problem with the crankshaft sensor. Acting on their advice, I purchased a replacement crankshaft sensor and installed it diligently. Unfortunately, this replacement did not seem to resolve the issue.

In addition to the crankshaft sensor, I also addressed a potential grounding issue. As mentioned on this post (Here is the MAGIC answer for ALL patriot electrical...) , I thoroughly inspected and restriped the ground-wiring bundle, which has been known to cause problems due to erosion. This step was prompted by sporadic radio malfunctions I have been experiencing for almost a year. Regrettably, despite my efforts, this action did not yield any noticeable improvement.

Furthermore, I took the initiative to check the fuel pump to ensure it was functioning correctly and delivering fuel to the engine. To my relief, the fuel pump is operating as intended, ruling out a potential problem in that area.

At this point, I'm reaching out to the community for suggestions on other potential avenues to explore in order to diagnose and rectify this persistent issue. If you have encountered a similar problem or have knowledge of potential causes, I would greatly appreciate any advice you can offer.

If there are specific diagnostic tests, troubleshooting steps, or further areas I should investigate, please don't hesitate to share your expertise. Additionally, any recommendations for reputable mechanics or reliable online resources specializing in Jeep Patriot repairs would be highly valuable.

I want to express my sincere gratitude in advance for your time, support, and valuable insights. I'm more than willing to work with my own two hands to get the job done, and your assistance will not only help me overcome this challenging situation but also contribute to the shared knowledge within our passionate community.

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Welcome to the forums.

Were there any codes that you know of?

You can also try checking the wiring and relay pins in the relay box down by the drivers side headlight for corrosion.

And on the radio issue, if its just radio reception sometimes it's a solder joint.
I had this issue , replaced every spark plug and ignition coil pack and it runs better than when I bought it 3 years ago . I suspect I always had one or two bad ones . It’s much faster now . Much more power .
1 - 4 of 4 Posts