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I have a 2008 Sport with 149000 on it. Standard 2.4L. I'll be installing the RRO lift this week. I have my eye on a set of rims (American Racing) 16x7 5x4.5s. I lifted another Patriot back in 2008. The only issue I had was torque steer became very evident on the highway. The newer product has been improved so I hope this eliminates that issue. The alignment is the tricky part.

My check engine light is getting annoying. I had it coded and it's either a vacuum line or condenser?? The heater fan switch lost it's medium setting... figures. All the TPM sensors rotted out causing tire pressure failures for me at 60 mph...ruining the tires. This was a one-at-time- thing.

Otherwise the engine is good. Does anyone recommend synthetic oil over the organic? I haven't made the leap.
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