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Right turn signal blinking fast. Bulbs are good.

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Will someone help me solve why my right turn signal is blinking fast like the bulb is out but the bulb is fine/replaced? Also the front right DRLwon’t light up

When I engage the right blinker. It blinks two or three times normally. Then it chimes. Then it blinks fast.

I had the same problems with my 2008 in March. Reground the ground point G110 by stripping approximately 7 wires at the grounding point it will solved all the weird issues. It’s take about an hour to work on a confined space near the accessory belt. Good luck!!!
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Is the actual signal bulb lighting up when it's flashing fast, or is it out?

If it's out, it may be the ground connection, G110:
Yes both right front and right rear light up and blink fast. I did clean the ground 110 to be safe. No improvement
Neither bulb is an LED, is it?
Neither bulb is an LED, is it?
Negative. I will double check but even so… I haven’t touched the bulbs in 6 months and this starts happening.
According to the manual, the DRL function is the high beams running on low current / low intensity and is controlled by the TIPM.

Do both high beams work correctly and at the same intensity, or is the right side high beam slightly dimmer than the left?

If the right side high beam is not as bright, it could be either a problem with high resistance in the circuit path (bad ground, bad connector at the bulb, corrosion on the TIPM pins, etc.) or maybe the TIPM itself.

The thing with the ground (G110, etc.) is that the wires corrode under the crimp and insulation where you can't see, and the fix is to cut the old eyelet off strip the wires back to good metal, and install a new eyelet.

Another thing you could try is back probing the bulb socket grounds with a jumper wire connected to the chassis (ground) and see if that changes anything.
Thank you so much for your involvement!
Both high beams seem equally bright.
the fog lamps are LED for what that’s worth but 12 months old… can’t be the issue

I am going to try jumping the ground
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like you suggest
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Where is the tipm
This is missing something …
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Not a good sign the red lock tab is missing is it…
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Looks like the ABS module.

The TIPM is the fuse box, over on the drivers side.
If you have a bluetooth adapter and an app like JSCAN, alfaobd, etc. you can try scanning for lighting codes.

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I know you probably disconnected the battery to replace the alternator, but as a last ditch you could try disconnecting the battery cables, touching them together and leaving them for about 10-15 mins to reset the system, then re-connect and see if that helps.
Yeah the system was totally reset I’ll try if this doesn’t help tomorrow.

I ordered a veepeak ble+scanner and will check for light codes tomorrow on the jscann app. Thanks!!!
Here’s the codes. I have an aftermarket teyes CC3 touchscreen radio btw

Product Font Screenshot Parallel Number
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IIRC, high and low beams work like they should (with the exception of DRL) as does the turn signal and fog lights?

If so then I'd suspect the TIPM.

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The fog lamps are LED. All the lamps are working fine fog lamps hi beam low beam. Even the front right blinker works

what’s weirdis The front right DRL doesn’t illuminate but it will blink fast with the blinker.

hmmm I will have to take a closer look at this info you posted thank you so much I’m sure this will help solve the issue

I will investigate the TIPM via the procedures you posted. Thank you
Wai it seems they all share the ground G105 according to these new schematics not g110. Also it’s called G104 in the pdf you posted with the electrical. So confusing!!!
Yes, the ground designations are different on different years of diagrams.

In any case, it sounds like the lights work as they should with the exception of the right side DRL function which is set and controlled by the TIPM.
To me that suggests there isn't any problems with the circuit path from the TIPM to the bulbs and from the bulbs to ground, but more likely something to do with the TIPM, and unfortunately I don't have any circuit schematics or troubleshooting info for it

If your scanner has the ability to de-select the DRL option, I might try that to see if it makes a difference.

You can also check the TIPM connectors to see if any are loose, or if there's corrosion on any of the pins.
Yeah also when I lock the car the right side DRL flashes normally…. You’re right I’ll be messing with the tipm today. Do you have any info on how to disassemble it?
Take a look at this vid, you might want to skip to around 1:24 minutes..
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