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Put an RRO on my Jeep Pat 2014 altitude , what do you think ?

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It’s just a self install but I will give a run down of what I’ve done so far to this Jeep , it’s very bare bone but meets in the middle , pics will be uploaded! This is also my first post ever !
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THANK YOU! So glad to see it’s an active community, can’t wait to become the Jeep patriot legend around town because of the knowledge here 🤣
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Question , do you know if you can use more than one spacer on a spacer style lift . I have another thread I want to do this with if possible
I wouldn't advise adding any additional spacers with the RRO (it's already max'd out) as it could negatively affect the CV joints.
Thanks man , that makes sense . Definitely don’t imagine these should be taking to much stress to do their job . Great advice though much appreciated.
I want a rack like that for my 2016….nice ride :)
Hey thanks dude !!! You don’t know how much I appreciate that , I have taken my patriot into some serious love and respect, thing has been through it all with me straight off the lot stock . Haha . I love your Jeep !!!! So much potential with the patriots , tell me if you agree you just have to do some “digging and crafting” which makes it fun!!!
Yo I’ll try and message you the rack info , but it’s a maxhaul !
You can use a 1" spacer with Stu's successfully.
Thanks ! Will this work ontop if my RRO spacer already there ?
Yeah, spacers and lifts tend to put stress on suspension and drivetrain components, but if you're going to have fun with it, that comes with increased maintenance. Seems a shame to get mud on it, but . . . mud is Jeep bling!
Literally! And Definitely can be a Jeep patriot thing ! People underestimate the pedal commander… 😂
Welcome. Looks nice.
Thanks , I’ve done a tad more here and there , I’ll post updates soon ‘
I think STU Murchison coils from Australia provide one inch of lift as opposed to the 2 1/8" of the Rocky Road lift, and only know of exactly one guy to run both at the same time, and he had his Patriot weighted down so heavy with TAG bumpers and recovery gear that even the stiff aftermarket lifting coils sagged a bit. And he eventually removed the lifting kits because he wanted his Patriot to last longer. Pretty sure he's not on here though, and honestly I'm not even sure he's still on JPATW(Jeep Patriot Around The World) anymore because I left facebook two years ago.
Wow , so he was making that thing Max Out !! Thanks for the info ! Great help ! Nice to meet you !
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This is an updated version , ignore the dirty rims etc 😂, just want to keep everyone updated on this build like I said I will provide a detailed list of everything I did once completed ✔

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