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Name of Product: Sony Action Cam HDR-AS100V Wi-Fi GPS HD Video Camera Camcorder

First impressions of product(both quality of build and overall design): Small (as it should be), felt different from my DSLR obviously.

Place of purchase?: B&H

What was the original price? $299.99 - 50% off - $150 shipped.
They had a sale which I shared with you guys.
It was all a sales pitch to get rid of stock and introduce the 4k version IMO.
This action cam is now selling for $200 anywhere.

Was it worth the price paid? To me, yes.

The good:
1. Small
2. Works as a dashcam (what I bought it for)
3. Flip feature to use as a dashcam
4. Came with underwater casing
5. Records in HD at different FPS including 1080p 30fps, 1080p 60fps, 72p 120fps and a few more.
6. Wide angle lens
7. Intervals of 2secs and 5secs for photo timelapses

The bad:
1. Pictures are 1920x1080 pixels (small dimensions considering it shoots at a wide angle).
2. Beep of pics cannot be silenced (Beep can be muted for everything else).
3. Battery lasts 2hrs
4. Camera gets hot when I recorded for 2 hrs
5. Videos are split after 35mins
6. No zoom-in feature
7. A bit noisy in ambient light, extremely noisy at night.
Ideal recording time is in plain daylight.

Would you recommend this camera to a friend? I would recommend the 4k version which will cost you a bit more.

Am I happy with my purchase? It'll do the job.
I'll stick with my DSLR for high res pics and regular video of my children.
The wide angle distorts the image too much, ideal for "action" footage obviously.
I look forward to my next trail run (wont be exciting as I do 1 & 2's / 10's atm lol).

1920x1080 (original file size) image distortion sample;

and check out how this resolution sucks when zooming in on a wide angle.

Sample footage; Sorry for the dirty windshield. We drove to Buckeye the previous day and annihilated a lot of bugs.

Footage of a timelapse,
1 pic taken every 2 seconds then stitched into a timelapse/drivelapse in QuickTime Pro; 24 frames per second.

Conclusion: I like it, but would have gone with the 4k version if I had the money since the resolution would be higher (3840x2160).

Non related to this cam: I like timelapses, check out this one I did of Cathedral Rock in Sedona, this was created with my DSLR;

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The cam videos are saying they are "private" for me.

Nice timelapse at the bottom, very cool!

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Wow the colors on that thing are awesome... kinda wish I would of saw the sale on it. In the market for a GoPro but this thing looks nice

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I used to have it . I bought on amazon . It was great product . One Kıt had 8 different product . I loved it very much but unfortunately I lost it. One day I will buy it again .
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