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Please help!

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What's up, team!

So, I need to move unexpectedly from Southern California to Miami. I will be driving my 2015 Sport 2.0.

I have been looking up tow capacities and I am getting conflicting information so, I would greatly appreciate some straight answers:

1) Is my towing capacity 1,000 / 1,500 / 2,000?
2) How do I know if my car has the engine oil cooler installed (bought second hand last year)
3) Which wiring setup/tow kit works best with my trim.

A little background: Ideally, I would find a small motorcycle trailer to haul my bike (weighs ~450lbs) the entire trip with myself (weigh 150), my dog (weighs 65lbs) and two adults (their total weight 300lbs). Not anticipating to haul many personal belongings other than some clothes, etc.

I have about 5 weeks to prepare for this trip and I want to get ahead of installs/supplies.

Any and all advice would be incredible.

Thank you all for the support!
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Just checked the Build Sheet. No CVT :(

It does state, however, that I have Solar Control Glass (and I do not lol)
Ok, yeah if it says 6 speed automatic then you don't have the CVT.

Thanks for the update.
MMy name is Zack I drive a 2008 Jeep compass 2.0 I pull more than most people do in this little four-cylinder I have pulled a Chevy traverse on the 18-foot trailer 30 miles turned around and went back and got a land rover your way just as much I use this car every day I have never had a problem out of it if it's a slap stick six speed you never take it out of fifth it'll down shift itself up shift the fifth don't put it in sixth or overdrive if you're hauling good weight other than that I wouldn't be afraid to go from California to Florida I'm fixing to make it trip from Texas to Florida pulling a Chevy tracker maybe I'll see you out there
21 - 23 of 23 Posts