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I've been floating around the forums ever since a few codes popped up on my 07 Patriot. P2004 (Intake manifold runner control stuck open bank 1) and P0118 (Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit High Voltage). 92k miles. No warranty, second owner.

I've got two mechanics who have told me some slightly different things. Mechanic 1: Wants to replace the entire intake manifold for around 1000 (including flashing it once replaced) and then another 300 to diagnose + replace the coolant temperature sensor, as it might be a wiring issue. Mechanic 2: Won't touch it, recommends taking it to the dealer. But believes the P0118 code is stemming from that P2004 code.

From what I've discovered from this (and some other similar forums) I can remove the intake manifold, clean it, test the motor/clean it before I need to consider replacing the entire thing. The only thing that worries me is the P0118 code.

So two major questions coming out of this: will fixing the P2004 code fix the P0118 code? Everything I'm reading seems like they aren't related. How the hell do I find the engine coolant temperature sensor on my 07 patriot? I have found lots of guides for fixing the p2004 code but nothing for the p0118 code. Any help/suggestions would be great. Thanks.
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