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New to this forum and not too sure if i'm in the correct place.
Thank you for having me!

I have a 2009 with 104k miles.. I changed the oil and a few days later,
P0017 and P000B showed themselves. I changed the CRANK position sensor and CPS on the exhaust side, inspected the wiring and connectors.. I clear the codes with a scan tool and the codes stay off for about three to four start up. After that, he Codes come back.. Sometimes including P0014 and sometimes not. I have a feeling changing the oil stirred something up and perhaps clogged the VVT Solenoid. I know there are (2) of these solenoids (intake side and Exhaust side)..
Can anyone tell me what is going on and or which solenoid I should clean or replace?
The jeep runs ok for the most part.. It sometimes runs rough at idle and I noticed the it idles a little up and down. Sometimes after hitting the gas, it drops to idle nicely and sometimes is hangs some..
It has stalled a few times and difficult to start..

Thank you for your help!! :)

2014 Jeep Patriot, North Ed.
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HM. Doing a quick look, many places say the code pops up due to loose fuel cap or low oil pressure as well as other reasons.

Try taking a look at this.

Also, just because you fixed a part doesn't mean the new part was functional when you get it.

Ensure you used the right oil and that it is properly filled. Most places I checked said that the common cause is sludge build up on oil passages or dirty contaminated oil.

Hope this helps

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It would be nice to hear back from the original poster.
I have the exact same two code on my Jeep Patriot.
The check engine light came throwing these two code.
I changed the oil and it went off instantly then came back on after 100 miles or so.

I engine is now also stalling occasionally at idle and when coming to stops.

I was considering replacing the VVT solenoids but I don't like the idea of just changing out part that fixes the problem.

What did you do to fix it?

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Today we replaced the VVT solenoid on the exhaust side. The duralast part number was TS1018. It was 59.99 before tax at local Auto Zone.

The part is labeled "SOLENOID CAMSHAFT 1/2 POSITION" in the diagram.

If you prefer a video over a diagram this is it

After replacing the part the check engine light remained on.
We went to town and stopped at Auto Zone had code erased.
The light was still on after erasing the codes. I was getting frustrated thinking maybe it wasn't fixed.
However, I didn't have any more issues with stalling while stopping or stopped.

I then learned you can read the code without a scanner doing this trick.
I was puzzled that when reading the codes I got _ _ _ _ _ _ followed by _ DonE_
No codes displayed to me, had I fixed it or not???

Nothing I tried would allow the codes to clear.
Not even disconnecting the battery.

I took it on a 2nd drive this time a litter further and stopped at a different Auto Zone.
I had the codes read again and this time I got the same codes but only one set instead of them (I had two set of the P000B and P0017 codes about 30 hours before).

I drove the home thinking about buying a cheap OBD II scanner to try to reset the codes using torque app.

When I got home I turned the Jeep off and back on and the check engine light was gone.

So a few things learned today.
1. VVT solenoid on exhaust side seemed to addressed the issue with P000B and P0017 for me
2. It took multiple drive cycles to get my codes to clear
3. You don't need an OBD II tool to read your codes (well maybe not really sure if my codes would have displayed for me or not but still a neat trick)

Hopefully this is helpful to others as well!


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