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Orange klunker Jeep getting cranky

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There's been a sound like a small prop plane coming from the back at speed, probably a bearing. Then I fire it up today and see this.

Pay no attention to the gauge positions, lol.

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Yeah, I gotta get it looked at, but with the Suburban in the shop and the Impala's radiator support about ready to give out, this is all I have to drive right now. Suburban should be done this week though, and at the moment I don't have much to do.
🤣 Yes! That's what mine sounds like for the past 2,500 miles. I had a hard time explaining the sound at first until my kid mentioned it sounded like a plane.
If that was your thread titled "sounds like a plane" or something like that recently, that's where I got the idea that it was probably a bearing, was from that thread.
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Watch enough Dukes of Hazzard episodes, and you'll hear Sorrell Booke("Boss Hogg") refer to the General Lee as an "orange klunker car". I may have sort of adopted that, plus this thing has had its fair share of issues here and there, in all fairness.
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