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Now hear this..clunk

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I been noticing a random clunk but I been trying to consistently duplicate it. The sound is almost always during a left turn while driving but not all the time.

I stopped at Dollar General today to get a few things. When I came out and started the patriot it clunked when I put it in neutral and just turned the wheel left. However, after the clunk, I can turned the wheel left and right consistently with no clunking.

What gives?
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How many miles are on the Patriot? Sounds like it is a CV Axle joint
It was the cardone CV axle binding. I put the OEM back in. I'll deal with the rubbery clicky sound until I can cover some new OEM.
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Update: It still makes a clunking sound. cv axle no long makes that weird noise. I took it to several shops but no one can find a problem. Everything is tight and in order. Struts are a year new. I loaded the parts canon to replace the control arms, knuckle assembly, outter tie rod ends, and end links. Still does it! Any chance could it be related to the sway bar? Do i have the bracket too tight or loose? I noticed its a bit shiny off to one side. Could this be whats binding and releasing? I'm not certain of the behavior characteristics of the sway bar other than preventing the roll.

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