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Noise/Rattle low RPM's second gear manual transmission.

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I have a 2011 Jeep Patriot Latitude 5 speed which runs great and is in great shape. However when I'm shifting from 1st to 2nd once I get in second gear if the RPM's fall below about 1800 there is one heck of a rattling noise which persists until I pass 1800 or so RPMs then it totally disappears. Myself and others have checked everything imaginable under the vehicle looking for something loose. Everything is tight and solid.

It sounds like its coming from the engine bay but very well could be somewhere else. Not sure if it's the transmission chattering or something simple somewhere. It shifts totally fine in all gears. No troubles just chatter/rattle.

Any ideas is appreciated.
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Check for a loose heat shield. There's several, on top of maniverter, on firewall below maniverter, on the driveshaft center carrier, above the muffler, and I think that there's one more somewhere. The thin metal of the shield rusts to the point that it comes off of the bolts, then it just starts flopping around making all kinds of racket. You usually have to actually push on them to check if they're loose.
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I second the heat shield. My 16 with manual will do that if I shift early.
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