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Hello all, I’m a big jeeper I currently own 4 haha 2 wranglers 1 fully built for rock crawling 1 built but it’s the daily driver 2 patriots lol long story short I got a 2012 Jeep Patriot 2wd owned it for about 8 months out of no were the dreaded cvt trans went out fully locked up trans shop wanted 6000 to replace anyways I came across a 2014 4wd patriot that had been in a small wreck but runs and drives perfectly. I’m very mechanically inclined and I have decided to take the task of converting my wife’s 2wd patriot to the 4wd version being I have a complete donor car now so far I have dropped the whole engine and sub frame and I am currently in the process of dropping the rear diff and rear subframe so far things are looking good things are looking like they will bolt back up I havnt seen any threads of ppl doing this but this is saving me about 4K as I only paid 2k for the donor will be posting updates on how this swap is going for people that are interested


1 - 3 of 6 Posts