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I proudly own a 2011 Jeep Patriot. Right now my riot is at soccer-mom stage and I have big plans for it. I am waiting for my stage 1 bumper kit from Rocky Road Outfitters to be made and shipped. (should be arriving at the end of June.) I'm on the look out for some good deals on KC lights to mount on the stout bar. I also just ordered some cross bars to mount my roof rack within the next week. Slowly but surely this Patriot will look a bit less like a girls vehicle. (No offense,guys.)

I am also looking for some black off-roading rims. My tires are 215/65/17 right now, but I am looking to get smaller rims to get a beefier looking tire. Any links or advice would be appreciated!

Glad to be part of the Jeep family.

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