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As my title says, I'm new to the Jeep life. I just got my first Jeep from a neighbor in exchange for some work done. It needs a motor because she ran it out of oil... I'm trying to buy an engine so I can replace it, and I'm finding there are several options for my Jeep.

I have an 08 Jeep patriot. It has the 2.4L engine, which narrows my options down to two different types, but that's where I'm stuck. My options are "With flow control valve (Mounted to intake manifold", or "Without flow control valve".

So far, I have been unable to determine which engine option my jeep needs, and with something so big and expensive, I REALLY don't want to buy the wrong part.

Can anyone shed some light on which option my Jeep needs, or how to figure it out?

NOTE: I called a dealership to find out, and the guy wasn't sure either. I plan to call other dealerships late, but I was hoping Jeep lovers might know a thing or two as well..

Thank you for any help!!

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By flow control valve, I'm going to guess they mean either the intake runner manifold control actuator (lower left corner in first pic below), which mounts to the side of the intake manifold (top center) or the throttle body which mounts to the larger end of the intake runner (second pic).

You can email them the pics and ask them to clarify.


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