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What did those wheels come off of? I wonder if there's a post somewhere in the forum from someone who tried those

Oh man it's unfortunate you already bought them.. the trouble of course is in throwing good money after bad. Sure you can spend a couple hundred bucks on a set of adapters, you could get custom adapters made to any specification you want from but then you have two sets of tires, you need to store them, they're going to dry rot before they're worn out so over the long term you'll spend twice as much on tires as you would otherwise. I don't think the math makes sense on all that.

If you have the money right now to make a long term money saving decision sell those and get you a set of four season tires. Not "all season" .. real four season tires like Michelin CrossClimate 2 .
Then you can just run one set all year long and not have to deal with shelf rot or even having a shelf in the first place.

While that one does review nice, there is still no multi-season tire that can beat the results seen from a dedicated winter tire.

I'll give you the fact that storage can get to be a pain though. Got 4 vehicles in this household that see winter driving, and all have their own set of winter wheels.

Never had any issues with dry rot on any tire either.
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