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We all know that most rook racks will not fit Patriots as the distance between the roof and the top of the factory rails (about 1 3/8") is less than the clamp opening (about 1 3/4") on most roof racks. What this means is that when installed the metal clamps on the rack will rest on the roof and scratch the paint.

I had a Mont Blanc roof rack from my 1999 Vitara that were still in good shape. Being cheap I wanted a solution so I could use them.

I did a quick calculation and realized that I needed a piece of material 1/4" thick to go between the factory rails and the clamp. For material I was thinking about hockey puck material . . . but I could not find any . . . so I got a hockey puck. I initially started cutting the 1/4" strips using my scroll saw . . . but it started melting so I finished the job with a hand saw.

I temporarily laid the racks in place, with cardboard on the roof to protect the paint, slipped the strips on top of the factory rails and tightened them down. Everything is snug and there is a 1/4" gap between the roof and the bottom of the metal clamps.

I'm sure that this would work for other brands of racks.

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