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My 2007 Needs a new manual transmission!

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Hey there. My 2007 Patriot has been having lots of transmission troubles. I needed a new clutch right around 100k miles, then shortly after the output shaft bearings wore out. I had a very reputable transmission shop here in Denver Colorado service the transmission both times (High Country Transmissions), in total between the two trips spending nearly $4000. The new clutch with slave cyl. was just over $1200 and the second time I spent about $2600 to have them remove and open up the transmission to put in all new bearings. That was in 2021.

Now, I am getting more noise in the transmission, this time the bearing noise comes as you accelerate through the gears, and it moves with the motor speed (last time it came with wheel speed). I had two reputable shops in the area help diagnose the problem, and the recommended solution right now is to take out the counter shaft, machine the shaft, and weld on a new sleeve for the bearing to fit over. This service at the first shop was quoted over $5k to do.

Now, I am a reasonable person. I bought this jeep for $6000 back in early 2017, but I am struggling to figure out where I cut my losses here.

What would you do? Would you attempt to sell it for cheap in "as is" condition and let the buyer know the issues, then spend the money on getting another car? Or would you just cough up the money to either rebuild or put in a new/reman unit?

I have no misconceptions that a $6000 car back in 2017 is not the same as a $6000 in 2023 with the way the used market is.

To complicate matters more, In less than two weeks I am supposed to move to North Carolina to start a new job at the beginning of June and this is my families only car. We have a rental for the moment while the transmission shop tries to find a solution.

What would you do!?


*Also, anyone have a manual transmission laying around I could buy off you for cheap? (doesn't hurt to ask lol)
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I feel your pain,but not as badly as you. My 2014 FWD 2.0 5-spd is making noise consistent with the vehicle speed. Only under light acceleration and in gear; not in neutral. I've diagnosed it as the output shaft bearing. My dealer declined to fix it, saying the repair was almost as expensive as getting a whole new tranny. My Patriot has given me no problems in 190,000 miles -- just normal maintenance and an axle bearing. It gets consistently over 30MPG, and it's the only vehicle in our driveway with a hitch (I just got the trailer wiring fixed last fall). AYK, selling a vehicle with a whining transmission is impossible -- I'd only be looking for a sucker, and I'm not that kind of person. Talked it over with Wifey and we're going to get a new transmission ($5,200). I just figure I'll bite the bullet once, rather than pay twice as much piece-meal.
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