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My goal here is to push the wheel further out of the wheel well without using spacers, and instead buying a slightly wider rim with less offset and running the same size tire to maintain an accurate speedometer.

These are the specs of the wheel and tire I'm currently running (Factory 17x6.5 Rim)

  • 235/55/R17 Tire size (Same 27.2 inch overall diameter of factory recommended tire but slightly wider)
  • 39mm offset wheel
  • Backspace of wheel is roughly 5.25 to 5.30 inches
  • 27.2 inches overall wheel/tire diameter
  • Wheel is 6.5 inches wide
  • Tire is 8.5 inches wide

NEW WHEEL I'M LOOKING AT (American Racing Heritage VN501 Wheel 17x7 5x4.5 (5x114.3) Black 0mm - PART NUMBER VN50177012700)

These are the spec of wheel I am looking at running with the same size tire
  • 0mm offset wheel
  • Backspace of the new wheel is 4.02 inches
  • Maintains 27.2 inches overall wheel/tire diameter
  • Wheel is 7 inches wide
  • Tire will remain the same at 8.5 inches wide

Before making any purchases of any wheels I'd like to see if anyone in the Patriot community has put a wheel with at least a 0 offset or even negative offset without any additional modifications
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