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Hi All,

I just want to say that this forum is great and it's a good way to learn things from other Patriot owners. As the regulars would have seen from my previous posts, I wasn't loving being an owner of a Jeep Patriot until Easter 2019. I bet that everyone is thinking, what changed your mind, Mikey? I'm glad that you asked that question. I finally got the balls to experiment and take the front bumper bar and grill off Penny the Patriot to install the LED light bar. This involved watching a couple of YouTube video's and a couple of hours 4h30mins to be exact to do the install. I cheated a little and when I bought my Ridge Ryder 23" LED Light Bar, I also bought a driving light harness as well. Initially, an auto electrician was to do all the work, but installing the light bar was going to be harder for him. So I decided to sit down and work out ways of doing the install?

I was going to get a bracket made up and screw it to the underside of the crash bar inside the bumper bar but I think that I "over engineered" that design and it wasn't going to work with the install. I then watched a video on YouTube from Patty the Patriot, this video gave me a new idea of installing the light bar on the bumper bar. Instead of just having one piece of plate on the underside of the bumper bar, I decided to go with 2 plates inside and outside of the bumper. So down to Bunnings (Australian version of Lowe's) to our American friends I go. I buy 2 lengths of galvanized steel plates, a packet of round head M15 stainless steel screws, some nylon thread nuts, washers and some hex head bolts from Supercheap Auto plus auto undercoat, a can of Candy Red paint and a can of clear coat.

Firstly I watched another couple of YouTube video's Jeep Patriot - Front Bumper/Grill Removal aaronhaight22 and How to remove replace install front bumper Jeep patriot repairED and thought that I can do this. I cut the galvanized steel plates to size, I think that they ended up being 60mm x 90mm with 1 hole drilled into each corner and a second hole drilled for a second bolt for the light bar bracket. When I was happy with those, I roughed up the sides that were going to be painted and hit them with undercoat, I roughed up the 2 hex bolt heads because they were going to get the painted treatment as well. I'm a novice at painting, so I didn't wet and dry rub between the undercoat and colour coat. When I did the colour coat, things were taking shape and I was looking forward to putting the light bar onto the bumper bar. I drilled out the mounting holes before taking the bumper bar off the car.

Now to the bumper bar removal, this was a little tricky because of the 3 different size bolts and screws used, I used a T20 (hex) or "allan" type key, I think that it was a 10 or 13mm socket and a 7mm socket to undo all the screws/bolts around the bumper bar/grill the trickiest ones are the ones that are screwed from the top of the bumper into the bottom of the fender (mud guard), it's just a matter of pushing or prying out the inside of the mud guard to get to the screw. Once that is done, I just grabbed both sides of the top of the bumper and gently pulled on the pumper. Don't pull too hard or you'll damage the indicator or turn signal wires. In my 2015 Patriot, the indicators are held into place with quarter turn plugs. Once you have removed these, the bumper comes away quite easily.

Once I had the bumper bar off, it was a matter of just putting the brackets in place and tightening the nuts and bolts up. I've added some pictures to show how I did mine.



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