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Jeep Patriot 2011, 2.2 Diesel
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This my Jeep Patriot 2.2 CRD 2011 UK.
I bought it over a year ago and for the first time I gave him a bigger challenge - trip from UK to Poland and back.
24 hours of driving one way. Done 2595.6 miles in total.
He handled it perfectly.

I’d like to share my impressions.

  • The engine has enough power to speed up and safely join motorway after leaving services.
  • Average MPG: 48.3. Mostly driving on motorways with 75mph speed. The record MPG was 50.1 after driving through roadworks in Germany with 50mph speed limit for over 20 miles.
If you have OCD about yours Jeep MPG, remember, it’s a heavy vehicle, so drive it with dignity, be gentle with throttle and don’t go over 70mph ;-)
  • Fuel tank is definitely to small for vehicle that size. You can make only about 420 miles before the reserve light goes on.
  • Boot is also too small. If you going for holiday and taking a lot of stuff with you, Patriot is comfortable for only two people. You need a roof box or tow a trailer, if you carry five people on board.

Generally I love this car.

Kind regards
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