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When I arrived home last Thurday in my 2011 Patriot ( with 80k miles ) I was greeted with an ungodly scraping sound when I backed into my driveway and hit the brakes. When I looked under the back of the car I found a disconnected lower control arm from a badly rusted crossmember

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The car is 11 years old so it is officially beyond the Extended 10 Year Crossmember Rust Out policy, but a year ago
when it was still inside the 10 year limit, my car was at the dealer for a multiple engine fault code problem, ( which thanks to the many threads here we know is caused by a bad chassis ground somewhere around the battery tray ) and the dealer turned up other problems with the front end ( bad passenger side driveshaft and play in the passenger side lower ball joint ) but nothing at the back ( did they even check? )

I messaged JeepCares here JeepCares with photos
but have had no response. The dealers repair estimate is equal to 1/6 the price of a new Compass, they said to
contact Jeep Cares by phone to see if they will cover part of it. The nice lady at JeepCares phone line gave me a case number and commiserated with me about my problem, but stuck to the script and said nothing could be done, refused to kick this up a level to her manager, and said to ask for a discount from the dealer ( which turned out to be 10% off ).

So Jeep Cares? Not so much so far. We'll see if they respond to this post.

All I can say is when your Patriot/Compass is approaching the 10 year anniversary, take it to the dealer and
apparently you have to take them by the hand and make them inspect the front and rear crossmembers, otherwise
your out of luck. Thanks for listening.

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Welcome to the forum! Sorry about what brought you here.

I agree whoever inspected it should have caught that. These are the first guys to recommend new brakes or wipers for the slightest defect, then they miss something like that. Astounding.

I also agree the problem ought to be covered for much longer than 10 years. This is the frame, not sheet metal, we're talking about (although the substance seems dangerously similar). I suggest you keep your receipts in case there is a recall -- I wouldn't rule it out.

FYI, not all Patriots had the problem, but a significant minority have. My 2008 is now owned by a friend and it's still on the road without a frame failure. It was my snow car and spent all its life in New England where road salt is a factor for nine months of the year. Sooner or later everything will rust out, but 10 years for a frame seems premature.

I don't know what they quoted you, but you might shop it around and see if a body shop can do it for less. Regardless, in this market you're probably better off fixing it, especially if the vehicle has been otherwise reliable.

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May want to inspect overlooked items beneath the vehicle before it falls apart. Basic maintenance, also keep an eye on rear brake lights and tail lights for burned out bulbs too. You would be surprised what you find kinda like what you just discovered.
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