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It sounds like an airplane they say #rear bearing

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PA inspection coming up.

Our Sedona been at the dealership recently to get some recalls completed. During those weeks the patriot was the wifes transportation. She was relieved to be back in the van. She and my son kept complaining about it sounding like a plane taking off. The sound is coming from the rear and I'm almost certain its a wheel bearing. I could get it diagnosed but I feel I'm better off just replacing them on my own for X amount more dollars. I put it up on stands a few weeks ago. Theres no play but i'm certain I'm hearing some unwanted sounds while trying to spin the wheels.

I just have to remove wheel, brakes, hub nut, wheel speed sensor, four bolt behind hub and pull it if i read correctly? Clean mating surface and install new ones. Is there a certain puller kit to get?

I also need to replace my parking brake pads. Somebody likes to drive around town with them engaged and complain about the brake light flashing. Work got me into the habit of setting the ebrake so i naturally do it in the patriot too.
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You're correct in what you have to remove. The puller you need is a slide hammer bearing puller. If memory serves, it was a $129 deposit at Autozone to get it. Replacing the hub is pretty simple, but the parking brake pads are a real PITA. Mine still aren't adjusted properly.
slide hammer bearing puller
So I could get this 9 Way 5 lb. Slide Hammer and Puller Set and add it the estate sale for when i pass away? 🤣
Yep, that's what you need. I almost bought one of those myself, but with Autozone they give you your money back when you're finished with it and you don't have to find a place to put it. My 'lil toolbox is getting pretty full.
Thanks. That's a good point. I'm on the fence about adding to my collection of seldom used tools. Got my hubs ordered though.
I think I am going to start tackling this tomorrow. Effectively this will put it up for a couple weeks based on past projects. Before I get it up on stand, is there anythying I should know that will help me out. If i have to go to an auto store, I want to do it now and not after its off of the ground.
The only non-typical tools you're going to need is the bearing puller and a 32mm socket to remove the axle nut. You're probably going to need a new cotter pin for when you put it back together. The only other thing I can think of is maybe picking up a new wheel speed sensor, in the off-chance that you manage to damage the one on there now. There's a very low chance of that, due to the way it mounts in the bearing assembly, but I've managed to do it.
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Thanks. Already have a the hub nut socket from my front CV axle journey. Watched a couple videos and they always make it look too easy. Couple whacks with a hammer and you're good to go.
The rear hubs actually are that easy, at least in my experience. I've replaced both of mine.
I can't get to this bolt to the top right. My Pittsburgh wobbly socket feels too fat when I try to get to it.. What setup are you using?

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I used a Harbor Freight black impact socket on an impact rated 6in extension. 3/8in drive.
Sweet. I got it out. Now off to the next fun part of pounding that hub out of the backing plate.
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Alright friends! What do I do here?! I don't think its budging.

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Mine came right off when I smacked the back of the bearing with a hammer while holding the backing plate. If that doesn't work, maybe try wedging a chisel between the bearing and the backing plate.
I'm definitely not having the same result. Been whacking it with my lineman's hammer.
Finally! Gave it one last hoorah before i called it quits tonight! Now I have to question my sanity with doing the other side. Both bearing are shot.

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I thought the fun was over. Tomorrow is a new day for lining up these bolts (y)
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I did manage to get the new one back on. Was a struggle to get sensor in since i must of crushed the sensor retainer clip a bit or its just tight to start with. I definitely learned a thing or two. I would probably attempt the other side if i could get the axle freed up. I put a puller on to see if i could get some movement but i got nothing. i heard something pop, but i hope it wasn't something important.
When one of the axles was stuck in the bearing in my old Jetta, I threaded the nut on the end until it was flush with the axle, then smacked it with my sledge hammer. Popped right out.
My airplane sounds half as loud now 🤣 🤣 I do have a slight abrasion like as if I missed cleaning up some rust and its scraping on the trailing arm. I'll gladly pay a mechanic to do the other side. I'm all funned out. How did both bearing decide to go out at the same time? It was a harmonic nightmare driving from New Mexico back to Pennsylvania a couple months ago.
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