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Intercooler woes

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Hi guys , been a while but I could do with a lil info if you could help . I've just discovered while doing an oil/filter change I have a slack fitting boost pipe . I think it's the first rubber pipe that comes from the turbo and it's slipping loosley back and forward in the joint to the metal part of the pipe . Is there a diagram I could find the part on to replace it >>
Secondly I'm struggling to get a transfer case rear seal for my 6 speed manual . It's a 2007 crd 2 litre diesel 140 hp . Any suggestions where to get one or possibly anyone have the dimentions of the seal so as I could order one online .
Many thanks for reading n hopefully helping me out
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I've found this and believe it's number 5 . Is there a part number for it ??
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