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Hello all,

I have a 2012 Jeep Patriot cvt transmission. I have been having some problems recently that are leaving me stumped.

it all started one day when I was driving and all of a sudden I had big smack and it went to limp mode and would not let me go over 5mpg. Check engine light came on and threw I think p1707, the code that points to input speed sensor. I pulled the sensor and it was completely chewed up and damaged. I replaced that and the throttle body and have problems.

my rpms are bouncing while driving and holding steady on the gas. It will also have a delay to
Kick into the correct gear. Not sure what’s going on but I’m very curious how the speed sensor got chewed up. Plan to look at tranny oil soon hit it was changed last year.

dealership was no help? Any suggestions? Thanks!


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I could be totally wrong, and frankly hope that I am, but here's my guess:

One or more of the small ball bearings inside the drive pulley / variator assembly (blue arrow) has gone bad, causing the assembly to mis-align and the teeth on the assembly make contact with the input speed sensor (red arrow).

That could explain the big smack and the damaged sensor. Then again it could be something else.

The video below talks about the ball bearings. It's one of the weak points in the transmission, which is fixed by using aftermarket pins instead of ball bearings.


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