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I wanted to post up here in case this will help anyone out. My aim with the Patriot is to work with its strengths instead of trying to turn it into something it's not, so lift kits and big tires weren't really on the radar but I did go slightly bigger than stock on tires with 235/75R15's on 15" ZJ wheels.

That works out well but I found that when I loaded up the back of the Jeep with camping gear and bikes hanging off the hitch it would drag its butt pretty bad, point the headlights up enough to get me flashed by oncoming drivers while my low beams are on, just generally annoying.

I looked for "Cargo coils" - stock coil spring replacements with higher weight rating but no such thing seems to exist. So I turned to similar vehicles built on the same platform and found that the coil springs on Dodge Journey vans have the same dimensions as Patriot springs, just a higher rating. I believe our rear coils are rated 167lb/in and the 09 Journey V6 coils are rated 229lb/in .

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Left is stock Patriot rear shock with Journey coil, right is stock Patriot shock with stock Patriot coil.

So I ordered a set of rear coil springs for a 2009 Journey. Probably could have got them from the junkyard cheaper but I was feeling lazy. They dropped right onto my rear struts without difficulty. I also installed new upper strut mounts because they were inexpensive and I was already in there - probably a good time for new rear struts but mine are OK still.

For anyone wondering the whole strut for a Journey is much too long and would not work, I used the coil spring for a Journey with the rear strut for a Patriot.

The front coil springs are similarly the same size but rated for more weight but I did not buy those as I didn't see a need to make my front suspension stiffer, the weight of the engine isn't changing.

After installing the rear springs it raised my Jeep's empty rear ride height by just about 7/8" . The jeep ordinarily had a slight rake while empty and this increased that rake enough to feel a little weird. So I ordered a set of 20mm front lift spacers from ebay to level it out and I think it turned out perfectly.

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The lift did affect camber, the shop was able to get the front within spec but the rear has a tiny bit of negative camber that will require adjustable upper arms if I want it to be perfect - which I do. Thankfully I have a set of those from a RRO lift kit I bought but never installed :D . So those go in and then I go in for alignment again.

Ride is good, slightly more stiff in the back as expected but still a lot smoother than my half ton Ram pickup and definitely nothing to whine about. The nice thing is that it accomplished what I wanted - no more sag.

OK enough talk how does it look? Well it looks pretty close to stock because raising it was never the point.

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I decided against lifting the Jeep pretty early on because I mostly like it the way it is - just didn't want it sagging while loaded down on the way to trails and campsites.

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Hope that helps someone else if they were curious how to fit heavier rated coils.
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