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Hi there from Australia

I have a 2008 diesel 6spd manual,

Yesterday I put the foot down from a intersection (up a hill) and lost power and got the oil light coming on.

I slowed down and stopped and the oil light went away.
So I started to take off again, it seemed to not have any power and oil light came back on along with a bit of a howling (what i think was the turbo).

I stopped turned it off and looked under to see some oil.

The car seems to hold oil fine when not running
When idling or running slower it leaks oil (but oil light isn't on)
If you make motor work at high revs (over say 2000rpm) the howling comes in aswel (and oil light comes back on)

Still trying to narrow down exactly where the oil is coming from but we are thinking back of the motor (i believe where the turbo is )
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