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Hello, friends! I am contemplating buying a Jeep Patriot from someone who says that the computer needs to be reset because he rebuilt the transmission and I want to make sure that it is feasible for me to pull off. I am not a mechanic by any means, so this is why I need clarification that even a caveman could do it.

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Welcome to the forums!

If they mean "reset" as in disconnecting the battery for 10 mins, then reconnecting, sure you could do it but why can't they take care of it for you?

If they're talking about having the system "re-flashed" (sometimes needed after a trans swap or rebuild) , then no, that has to be done by a dealer.
I would be suspicious of someone that went to all the trouble to change out the transmission and now wants to sell it before its totally fixed. It might be a big can of worms.
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I agree with @Carbuff. The seller's story seems suspicious to me. CVTs are notorious weak points in the Patriot -- not because they are mechanically flawed, but because the maintenance schedule in the owners manual is tragically insufficient. Many Patriot transmissions (including my 2008) failed before the first service interval. Transmission fluid and both filters should be changed at least every 50,000 miles.

The seller may have gone the fool's route and installed a junkyard tranny, only to find out why the vehicle was in the junkyard in the first place. Now he's trying to sell his problem. Make the seller go the distance. Even so, as when purchasing any used vehicle -- especially a private sale -- have your own mechanic check it over for you. You describe yourself as a caveman, so be extra sure before you end up having to buy another tranny. :(

If the tranny is good, Patriots are otherwise pretty sturdy rides. Engines are very durable. My aforementioned 2008 Patriot was sold to a friend and it's now over 300,000 miles. My 2014 is at 190,000. :)
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Im going to echo the already mentioned. Make sure you are confident the transmission is not going to be a headache as soon as the vehicle is in your hands before you buy it.
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