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Jeep Patriot Limited Edition 2010 4x4
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I'm also part of the Jeep Wrangler forums, waiting for my Wrangler Sport S 2021 to arrive (is a matter of days now!).

I had my Baptism of Fire as Minnesotan when I hit a deer with my Suzuki XL-7 2005 a week ago. My original plan was to transfer this Suzuki to my daughter, since she's getting her driving license soon, so we bought the Wrangler as my car as a replacement.

Given how old is the Suzuki (16 years!), almost surely it will be totaled, so in the mean time we found a Jeep Patriot Limited 4x4 2010 at a great price and it will be my daughter's car, however it was a pleasant surprise driving it, is a great and capable car, even at its respectable 149000 Miles.
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