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Whether today or any day of the year, it's always good to take a moment to be thankful. Through thick and thin, we persevere and it is important to attempt to keep some positivity in one's life to remain sane. The world continues in a precarious situation and I hope that we humans can somehow put down our petty grievances/differences and somehow find a thread of unity.

I am thankful for family, friends, a decent life, and my PATRIOT! Almost 10 years ago with absolutely nothing in the vehicle market that interested me, I reluctantly considered the Patriot as the only affordable vehicle that suited our country lifestyle (in the 80's, we actually hauled a pig to the butcher in our Chevy Celebrity, no lie). My MOPAR mechanic friend assured me that Chrysler quality improved after the FIAT takeover, they bought out the GEMA engine rights with minor improvements made, and the early suspension problems were lessened. At about 110,000 miles, my Patriot with the 6 speed automatic has been very low cost of ownership. Knock on wood, LOL, and hoping for continued good Karma. We drive it easy and take care of it very well.

This is a great forum with members that show respect to each other. It's very seldom to ever see any snarky comments. Wishing everyone a great holiday season and keep those Patriots rolling.
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