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Hi all,

Long time forum reader, first time forum post haha

I own 2014 Jeep Patriot MK series, it’s an imported American release model and not the Australian release model.

So two months ago I finally replaced the tyres (original factory issued contenental’s) after getting 55,217kms (34,310miles) of them.
Even at the end of their life I never had any steering issues it always held a straight line regardless of holding the steering wheel or not.
The new tyres are continental’s again (the ContiPremium Contact 5) now after only 2,601kms (1616miles) it pulls hardcore to the left and the wear already on the L/H front tyres is INSANE!

So I took it back to the place where I got new tyres (the guy was awesome when I bought the new ones, he didn’t have any and spent a few hours tracking down a set as I insisted on continental tyres again) they rotated the wheels, still pulled left, rotated again along with two wheel alignments and simply couldn’t get the same readings as when they first fitted the new tyres.
I have copies of the specs from when new tyres fitted (28/12/18) and the specs from today (15/2/19) and from what I understood of his explanation is the camber and castor specs on L/H front are way out of whack as if it’s taken a hit.
Yes, the front L/H has taken a decent hit HOWEVER that was months ago way before new tyres were fitted.

The camber specs were +00.49’ and now it’s +00.10’
And the castor specs were +03.18’ and now it’s +03.49’

So I’m seeking advice as to what the hell is the actual problem and how do I go about fixing it?

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Has there been a thorough inspection of suspension components and subframe for wear or damage? Like a bad ball joint?

You can buy adjustable cam bolts to replace the factory top strut-to-steering knuckle bolt for more camber adjustment (if you don't already have them), but if there's worn or damaged suspension component's it's really more of a band-aid.

Castor isn't easily adjustable, you it set by moving the sub-frame/cradle around.
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