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This forum is for off-Jeep topics, so-o-o . . .

I was on another website were someone said a vehicle looked sick. At first glance it seemed offensive, but where that person lives sick means awesome. Likewise in New England if something is awesome we call it wicked. Like Humpty-Dumpty potato chips are "Wicked Good."

North of Boston tonic is any carbonated soft drink.

Even within New England the same thing may go by a different name. A sandwich on a long tube-shaped piece of bread can be known as a grinder in Connecticut, an Italian in Maine or a sub (short for submarine sandwich) in the rest of New England.

In Rhode Island a coffee cabinet is not a closet in the kitchen, it is a milk drink made with coffee ice cream.

In the UK if someone mentions the bonnet on his lorry he's not talking about the hat his daughter is wearing but rather the engine cover on a heavy-duty vehicle.

There's a few to get us started. Does your area have any lingo that might be misunderstood by outsiders?

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Michigan and much of the midwest say "pop" to refer to what others would call "soda". And we're authorities on it, as apparently Vernors was the first.
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