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My Jeep is a couple thousand miles shy of 70k miles & about 1,500 miles ago I replaced my spark plugs and found oil in the threads and on the ignition coil. I determined that my next project was going to be to replace the gaskets inside my valve cover. I managed this job in about 2 and 1/2 hours, but man did Jeep make this a pain in the butt.

The first big pain in the butt I found was getting certain black wire holders off the deep well screws to the right side of the engine (whoever designed these is just evil). I didn't think you could get these off without breaking them and most people probably will end up breaking them in frustration. I expected them to just pop off but ended up finding I had to wedge the zip tie like thing out to let go of the wire and then wedge a screwdriver and that spot and turn it off them like a nut.

I also found it was a million times easier if I disconnected some wires from electronics sitting at the back far right of the engine as well as simply disconnected my fuel line where it goes over the valve cover.

The cover definitely doesn't pry off by hand. I had to find the smoothest face flathead screwdriver I had to gently pry at a few edges just enough so that I could use a block of wood and hammer to get loose enough that it finally came up.

The strangest thing I found though was in reviewing my manual on how to do this job. It suggested that you tighten the bolts back down and two steps. The first step was to aim for 44 inch pounds of torque and then in the second round you tightened to 90 inch pounds. Which I found a little weird but I guess it's what the manual says to do so I did it. Either way I plan on leaving my engine cover off the top for about a week so I can continue to monitor my valve cover to make sure I don't have any leaks developing.

My next job is going to be the transmission filters, so that will be fun 🤪
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