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Intro to my adventure thread.

What's up guys.

I decided to create my own adventure thread instead of creating several threads of where our Patriot has taken us.

We used to have an 02 Camry and traded it last August for our 2010 FWD Limited Edition Patriot because we needed more space for our 2 kids and dog Ziggy.
Space, safety, height were several of the reasons why we went with a Patriot ... it also fits our lifestyle, adventurous at heart.

Here she is, her name was Sexy Betsy;
This was taken in Los Angeles

And this one was taken on our way to San Diego via 78 @ the Algodones Sand Dunes

She made us happy, she got us here and there, but it was time for us to part.
We miss her at times because of the stories, but that's about it.

Our Pat is 10 times better and has taken us places where she could only dream of going.


Ok, so here is our Patriots first picture.
It was taken near the hospital where my son and daughter were born, Arizona has been great to us.

It was love at first sight when we first laid our eyes on her.
I love when she is slick and shiny, but also love when she is extremely dirty ... anywhere in between makes her look neglected lol.

Click to enlarge, right click, 'view image' to see it in fullscreen - F11 if you have to as well.
Taken with my Canon T4i DSLR and post processed in Photoshop and Lightroom.


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Rock Springs to Cordes Ranch, Arizona - Scenic Drive

Adventure #1
September 14th, 2015.

Rock Springs to Cordes Ranch was our first trail/scenic drive with our Pat, very easy as it's rated 1/5.

Here's a little info about the drive.


We started off the trip with a brief stop at Rock Springs Cafe for some delicious pies.

We skipped point A to B since I assumed my FWD would have a hard time going up the steep hills as the trail description says.
The plan was to go to Crown King (Point D) and wanted to get there asap before my pregnant wife started to complain.

Got off at Bumble Bee Rd. pulled aside half a mile down the road to bottle feed our son who was 10months old at the time.
This is where I took the first shot of our Pat.

Once we were done, we began our dirt road ride at point B. Point B to C took longer than expected and as I predicted, my wife no longer wanted to go to Crown King because of the bumpy road, she was 6 months pregnant at the time.

Here are some shots that were taken in between point B & C.

Near Junction at point C

Looking back towards the junction;

Back on the road driving to Cordes Ranch (Point E)

Looking back at the cattle guard

A mile away from Cordes Ranch.

Pit stop to change my sons diaper and to enjoy the scenery (in between Point E and D which is the exit).

Beautiful and easy drive over all.
I love how the landscape changes dramatically, from saguaros to mountains.

Now that my wife is no longer pregnant, I plan on taking more pics (she was a little moody so decided not to take pictures at Bumble Bee nor Cordes Ranch).
Happy wife, is a happy life lol x-)

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San Diego - Trip #1

Adventure #2
October 20th, 2014.

I had shared this adventure in its own thread, simply adding it to my adv thread with more pictures as well.


We finally got a chance to travel long distance in our Pat.

MPG's were a pain on the way since we came across a lot of cross winds.
I averaged about 24 mpg at 75mph and 26.7 on the way back.

We got to use our butt warmers for the first time in San Diego, kind of funny and cool at the same time.

Sunrise Scenic Byway Vista Point - Mt. Laguna CA

First stop at another viewpoint;

Fall colors - Driving to Mt. Laguna (Sunrise Scenic Byway)

Thing Valley Trail (Mt. Laguna)

My son Xavier having some fun.

The following day, we went to a pumpkin patch in Valley Center, CA.

On our way back home the following day, we decided to drive through the "Palms to Pines Scenic Drive" - Driving to Idyllwild

Idyllwild CA Sunset

Idyllwild shoping area

After sunset before we drove out of town

Taken at a viewpoint right before our descent down the mountain, this is overlooking Palm Springs

Vista Point Stars

I think we drove 1,100 miles overall.

Patriot did well other than minor stuttering when driving up hills in San Diego and I still get this stuttering around town here in Phoenix.

We've taken it for maintenance twice and gotten our fluids topped.
I was reading another thread about someone having the same issue, will do more reading and hope to get this issue fixed in the near future.

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Flagstaff, Trip #1 - Lockett Meadow

Adventure #3
October 25th, 2014

My younger brothers birthday was was on the 26th of Oct.
Unfortunately, he had to work so we decided to celebrate his bday on the 25th.

Here is a video with the pictures I have shared below + timelapses.

Forest Road 420.

Forest Road 552.

Forest Road 552 Panorama.

Forest Road 552 Panorama with the Pat.

A group of deer we saw on our way to Lockett Meadow.
You can see three here, there were 4 others as well.

Locket Meadow parking spot.

View from 15 yards of parking spot.
This is looking South East, best view is looking North West from across this field.

Group photo of my wife Marissa, son Xavier, myself and younger brother Eric ... oh, and the Pat :)

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Hassayampa River Preserve & The Ghost Town of Stanton

Adventure #4
November 8th, 2014.

We started off our day by visiting the Hassayampa River Preserve just South of Wickenburg.

"For most of its 100-mile course through the desert, the Hassayampa River flows only underground. But within the preserve its crystal clear waters emerge, flowing above ground throughout the year." -Source & to read more, click here;

Beautiful preserve, it reminded us of a large park in our hometown of San Diego.
We hiked one trail, these are the pictures/panoramas I took of the loop.

From there we took the scenic drive up to Yarnell where we supported a local pizzeria for lunch.
The drive up to Yarnell is supposed to be one of Arizona's top 5 scenic drives, absolutely beautiful indeed.

Yarnell might sound familiar to some of you that don't reside in AZ, it's the town where a fire killed 19 firefighters from the city of Prescott back in June 28th, 2013. We wanted to pay our respects by visiting their memorial, but did not find it.

After eating, we then drove to the ghost town of Stanton.
Stanton is a ghost town in Yavapai County, Arizona, that is now used as an RV park. The town was originally a stagecoach stop known as Antelope Station, and was later renamed "Stanton" after the businessman and crook Chuck Stanton, who took over the town in the 1870s. Stanton is located about twenty miles north of Wickenburg, at the base of Rich Hill, near the ghost towns of Octave and Weaver.

To read more about Stanton via wiki, click here;,_Arizona

Here is a pic of what it looked liked as we were heading down to Stanton from Yarnell;

This was taken upon our arrival;

Panoramas of Stanton;

The famous Gold Hill, RV park to the left.

Taken right before we left;

The RV residents we encountered were really friendly and inviting.
Besides the visit, my favorite part of our trip was playing pool against my younger brother Eric in an old small room.

There are no reports of paranormal activity despite the fact that the site is labeled as a ghost town.
We plan on visiting more sites like this with our Pat in the future, I bought my wife the "Arizona Ghost Towns and Mining Camps/a Travel Guide to History" book off of Amazon in hopes to getting motivated to visit these historic little towns/locations. Here is the book off of amazon; [ame][/ame]

Thanks for reading :)

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Flagstaff Trip #2 - First snow of the season

Adventure #5
December 12th, 2014.

2 years ago, my wife and I had only been in AZ for about 2 months when we decided to drive to Sedona and Flagstaff.
Little did we know what we were about to experience, the most beautiful driving experience of our lifetime thus far.
(I will share some of those pics at the end of this post).

We wanted to have a similar experience this year so we decided to drive up North when heard it was going to snow.

Here are a few pics from a pit stop in New River;

My son and younger brother Eric;

Sedona was grey, cloudy and it was raining.
Sedona is gorgeous regardless of the weather conditions, the drive by was beautiful as we expected.
(Sorry no pics of cloudy Sedona).

What we wanted to experience and see was snow while driving the up 89A which is considered the most beautiful scenic drive in AZ, and thanks to my planning, everything worked out. The news said it would snow @ 2pm around 5,500ft ... we were driving up 89A around 1:50pm, temp was 30F and there it was, snow left and right and then it began to snow on us.

We stopped at a viewpoint to use the restroom and to enjoy the scenery which we never get tired of.

Here are a few pics I took right after we left the viewpoint;

We drove to Flagstaff (elevation 6,600ft) where we had a late lunch at the Lumberyard Brewing Company Restaurant.
Delicious as usual, good craft beer, amazing Sonoran dog and creme de corn to die for.

We drove around town before heading back home.
Here is a pic of the Pat in Flag while it was snowing;

We also stopped by a viewpoint right before we began the decent to the Valley.
It was perfect timing, the sky blew up with pink clouds, it only lasted 5 minutes.

Here are the pics from my wife's first Sedona/Flagstaff experience.
All were taken with a canon point and shoot.

Taken from the Airport Rd Viewpoint;

Taken on way to the Crescent Moon Ranch;

Heading back to 89A N;

Taken by the Sedona bridge;

Driving up 89A;

Taken up in Flagstaff, Sunset Crater and the San Francisco Peaks;


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San Diego - Trip #2

Adventure #6
December 23rd - 27th, 2014.

The following pics are from our Christmas trip to San Diego.

Baby break near the AZ CA border.

Somewhere in downtown San Diego

My wife's family ornaments,
Xmas tree was covered by them, all of them were hand painted.

Walking around the neighborhood to see the lights.

My dog Ziggy at my parents house

Back in AZ on 27th to celebrate Xmas by ourselves.

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Sedona - Trip #1

Adventure #7
January 2nd, 2015.

We had a big storm roll by AZ on Dec. 31st that left us a lot of snow in the high country,
it even snowed right outside of Phoenix which happens once every 2 years from what I hear.

Baby break near Sunset Point Scenic Overlook, I-17.

Began to record the drive into Sedona once we got to FR. 525

Drivelapse; Boynton Pass Rd.

Baby break at the Fay Canyon Trailhead parking area

Baby break at the Devil's Bridge parking lot

Panorama taken from the Diamondback Gulch Trail;

Taken on our way out of Sedona via FR525

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San Diego - Trip #3

Adventure #8
January 16th - 18th, 2015.

Quick trip to SD, here are some pics I took.

Decided to wake up early to see the sunrise from Mount Soledad.
Downtown San Diego with the border and Tijuana in the background.

Looking North towards 1 of 2 richest cities in SD, La Jolla.

The LDS Mormon Temple.

Overlooking Mission Bay, Ocean Beach and some Islands.

Baby break on the way home at Corn Springs Rd - I-10.

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Lake Pleasant Area - Trip #1

Adventure #9
January 24th, 2015.

We heard good reviews of the Wild Horse West burger joint South of Lake Pleasant so we decided to give them a shot.

The burger joint was more like a biker bar which we did not expect.

We sat outside with our 2 kids, service was mediocre and the burgers were simple, definitely over rated in our point of view.

After we ate, we drove to a dirt road off of HWY 74 where we came across 2 guys driving a Ford Taurus at the gate.
They proceeded to follow us and ended up walking about 75 yards to where we stopped to hang because they didn't have enough clearance.
There was one rough section where I had to be extremely careful, we don't have enough clearance ourselves, but managed to get through which gave us confidence in our our Patriot.

Little did we know, they were there to do some target shooting and were kind enough to let us shoot their handgun.
It was our first time shooting a gun, my wife and I seemed to have gotten hooked and now are looking into purchasing a firearm in the near future.
Will be good for protection, but is also an excuse to get out in the middle of the dessert to do some target shooting.

Here are a few pics and a short clip of my wife shooting a handgun for the first time.

Wild Horse West parking lot.

My son playing around with my lens cap while we were waiting for our food.

Entrance to the dirt road.

Hangout spot.


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Lake Pleasant Area - Trip #2

Adventure #10 (Part #1)
February 26th, 2015.

Castle Hot Springs Rd. wash.
(First stop, first baby break).

This is where we decided to stop and drive back. This is also where I began to take pictures of the area.
(just South of the Buckhorn & Castle Hot Springs Rd. junction)

10 vertical pictures (panorama) - 180 degree view of wash.

Wild donkey

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Lake Pleasant Area - Trip #2

Adventure #10 (Part #2)
February 26th, 2015.

About to turn left onto Cow Creek Rd. from Castle Hot Springs Rd.

We used to like our Pat, but now we love it.
I pushed it to it's limits, this hill was ridiculously steep, scary steep (pano does no justice).

6 Vertical shots Panorama

Sunset shots from the hill, looking West

Looking South.

Looking North

Enjoying the colors


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The sunsets are by far one of my favorite things about AZ. The storms are first. Love the pics!

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Thanks SREJECT, Arizona sure is gorgeous :)

That is awesome Xavier! Always a nice trip up there.
here is a little something from my trip up there Feb 21st, 2015
The sunsets are by far one of my favorite things about AZ. The storms are first. Love the pics!
Awesome Heirio, yeah sunsets in AZ are truly magical.
Have driven that route in the past, went front Jerome to Prescott though.

You should create an adventure thread and share your trips with us.
We have Jeeps and hard to believe the adventure thread is the least used lol.
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