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Well folks... I recently acquired a 2017 limited edition Patriot that was completely trashed. Complete with vomit coating the entire rear floor board that was VERY thick. We are talking a patch so big it covered the entire passenger side rear floorboard area - And had been there for at least 2 months.

Here is how the carpets were restored to factory like conditions.

Baking Soda - Regular or scented. Found mine at the dollar store for 1.00.
White Distilled Vinegar 5%

Stiff and soft bristle brush
Dry vacuum
Wet vacuum (shop van OR carpet cleaner like a brissle)
Spray bottle that has the adjustable dial. The ones where you can adjust it to get a strong stream.

1 - Use stiff bristle brush to loosen soil. Don't press too hard because you don't want carpet to end up shaggy. Go vertical/horizontal patters to get all directions.

2 - Dry vac what you have gotten lose - Repeat steps 1/2 if needed.

At this point the bulk of what your trying to remove should be gone (soil wise) - And you should be left with stain or light caking of whatever it is.

3 - Sprinkle baking soda across area. NOT TOO HEAVY - But enough to make a coating that can be spread out with your soft bristle brush.

4 - Go vertical/horizontal with baking soda to even distribute around.

NOTE GREASE STAIN - If it's a grease related stain - You can use totally awesome spray - It will NOT neutralize the baking soda. Use your soft bristle brush to slightly work into stain.

5 - (THE MAGIC) - Now think back to grade school science project volcano! Saturate the area with your spray bottle filled with vinegar. You will instantly see the stain lift to the surface as it bubbles like mad.

6 - Take your wet vac and suck up the stain.

7 - Repeat steps 5/6 until the stain is gone.


- Initially the smell of vinegar will be overwhelming - No worries, it will subside.

TOO MUCH POWDER - DO NOT GO OVERBOARD WITH THE BAKING SODA! If you do - You will spend a TON of time getting it out. Just use enough to get a light coat and then lightly spread it out with your soft brush... Your simple trying to "coat" the area - Not work the powder down too deep. The vinegar re-action will drag the solution into the fibers.

My carpets were really stained and heavily soiled - So I used about 8oz of baking soda per floor board section.

NOT TOO HARD - If you go too hard with your hard bristle brush - You will destroy the carpet and the original patterns. Try to go with the direction of the patterns, and if you have to go against the design... Go lighter.

You will end up with powder along the edges of trim that you think you will never get out. No worries... Just super saturate that area with vinegar and then wet suction it out. Or use a microfiber to soak it up.

These steps allowed me to completely restore the carpets to factory like condition!

And when I say the interior of this vehicle was disgusting... I can't even begin to describe it.

All total - It cost me:
7 dollars = 7 containers of white vinegar - You prob get better pricing per gallon VS 32 oz.
5 dollars = 5 contains of baking soda.
1 dollar = 1 bottle of totally awesome spray.
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