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2.4L, 5 spd manual transmission 4x2. Jeep Patriot North. Disc in front, drum brakes in the back.
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Hi forum folks!

Got my 4x2 5spd back from mechanic after complete transmission and pump replacement. (he didn't have to change the reservoirs.)

Issue is, when downshifting from 4th to 3rd coming into the exit ramp off the highway the shift won't engage. I have to wait till the RPM's really slow down, then then the shift finds the transmission and engages. If I repeat the shift too quickly there's a quick rattle and I quickly push the clutch back in till the rpm's drop then it will shift. But you can feel the shift trying to engage, sometimes it pops or kicks back out to neutral.

The engine seems to rev a bit higher when moving from gear to gear. I usually shift gears at around 2000rpm. I won't go to 3000 rpm unless shifting to 5th merging on the the hwy.

He showed me the old transmission and pump. (I didn't know there was a pump in there.) He charged me more for the transmission kit than what CDN Tire was charging. I dunno?

Thanks All for insight.

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