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Clutch---no pedal (no pressure)

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2007 patriot, 2.4L, 5 spd manual, 4x4

Driving down the highway we decide to stop and get some gas. Pull off the highway, wife says no clutch. Pulls over to shoulder. I push clutch- no resistance/unable to engage gears.

I was able to push the vehicle to get it rolling (ramp was downhill thank goodness) and get into first gear (without clutch), then once back on the highway shift up to fourth gear without the clutch and get the jeep back home (we were about 90 miles from home when this happened).

I can find no fluid leaks. Master cylinder was a little low. Tried to bleed it at the valve at the tranny (gravity bleed while adding brake fluid to resevoir) but after a pint still no pedal. did see a good bit of air come out. after no air, tried pedal again, no good. tried bleeding again, more air, then none, still no pedal. don't know if i need a gallon of brake fluid to do this bleed or if air is being reintroduced into the system somewhere??

Looked up under dash, everything is connected to clutch pedal, still no clutch.

Brake pedal did have a drip coming from it (near the rubber boot looking thing). Didn't smell like brake fluid (or taste like it) but it wasn't very much. No stain on the floor indicating a significant leak.

removed brake master cylinder assembly. didn't see any signs of massive leakage. there was a suction noise when i loosened it from the brake booster, which i have never experienced working on other cars, but perhaps this is normal for this model?

I have read that the brake master cylinder leaking can result in the clutch pedal going out first.

Wife has company this month and was going to drive her jeep about 5 hours away for a vacation with friends in less than 2 weeks time.
I am planning to order the brake master cylinder and clutch master cylinder.

Anyone have any info? I have searched the site, but may have missed something with an answer for this problem.

Also, anyone have instructions for replacing the clutch master cylinder? Was going to do the brake first and hope for the best, but if no resolution of problem then do the clutch master cylinder second.

I don't guess there is any way to know if the problem is the slave cylinder. My best guess was to change these two parts first, and then if no pedal, yank out the tranny and do the slave cylinder and go ahead and replace the clutch.

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I installed a brand new clutch and pressure plate and throw our bearing on a Jeep Patriot 2010 5-speed manual transmission t355. I started to bleed the throw out bearing but the pedal kept going to the metal. At one point the line build pressure but then burst at the t section outside of the transmission. Can you help me with questions as far as what happened? o
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