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I just need to vent because this drives me crazy. I was in Racetrac buying BRAKE fluid so I dont crash and BREAK something. How is this big company going to make a price label with a picture of the bottle on it and still put that they selling DOT 3 BREAK FLUID. I even asked the cashier if corporate makes the price tags because they need to fix it because people dont want fluid that is going to BREAK their car when they try to BRAKE.

The other thing that i keep seeing online is people dont know what model vehicle they have or are trying to sell. Chrysler has never made any vehicle named the Dodge CALIPER but fear not if you are indeed looking for a CALIPER for your BRAKE system, most auto parts should be able to assist. But if you are looking for a speeding(ish) bullet, Chrysler has an option for you named the Dodge CALIBER. The Dodge CALIBER can be had with 4 CALIPERS, one on each wheel. Lastly if you try to BRAKE and you realize that your CALIPERS need to be replaced, there are a lot of affordable parts for the Dodge CALIBER for when something does BREAK.
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