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To start I have been super impressed with the Boston Audio speakers my Pat came with. I was not expecting anything of quality and when I bought this thing a couple weeks ago.

It also has the Hard Drive and so I uploaded a bunch of tunes from years back when I used to download the stuff in high quality... and when I was playing through the library I just kept adding volume, and adding volume, and was like - whoa, there's no distortion... this sounds amazing! Apparently there is a dedicated subwoofer so the low end is awesome, the sideview mirrors were shaking! Ridiculous.

Then as I was looking through the factory shipping document which included the MSRP price and all the add-ons, and was surprised to find something about a directional trunk speaker... so i was like hmmmm what does directional mean? Does it mean adjustable?

So I open the trunk and boom! What a surprise! The rear speakers have a handle that folds out. I never would have pulled on that handle!

This might be a well known feature to other folks but I was not aware of it and am pretty amped - this just took camping to another level!


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